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"It’s okay. I’ll accompany you in women’s clothing." Chen Xinya waved his fist and Lin Jin puffed up.

"Isn’t it silly …" Jin sighed and suddenly found a familiar figure trotting towards the teaching building.
"Hey, do you know that sister?" Lin Jin pretended to be unpreparedness and asked her, "I seem to have seen her in your dormitory before."
"Oh, that person." Chen Xinya looked down at Lin Jin’s eyes. "It’s a younger sister in my building who doesn’t know her name. Anyway, she often sees her sleeping and oversleeping and then running all the way to class late."
"Anyway, she must have overslept in her nap or simply forgotten tonight’s class." Chen Xinya suddenly teased and leaned her head toward Lin Jin. "You don’t like that sister, do you?"
"Why? What’s wrong with big men being interested in younger sisters? " Lin Jin is justified.
"But you are not a big man at all." Chen Xinya, hey hey, smiled and looked like a young master who molested a good woman. "Little girl, give me a smile."
"Smile at your sister" Lin Jin’s heart fluctuates
"If I spoil my heart, I will help you find out the name, personality, hobbies and what ~ I can also help you get her contact information." Chen Xinya shook her head and imitated the master in the costume drama. She jumped in front of Lin Jin and hooked her head and fingers with Lin Jinba. "How is the girl?"
"Young master, I won’t resist whatever I want to do to my body tonight!" Lin Jin gave up his moral integrity without hesitation.
Anyway, being molested by my sister is not a big deal, is it?
Chapter 112 11 Many admirers
Lin Jin felt that she might have lost her moral integrity without even slag left, but she actually finished saying that to Chen Xinya. Although most of them were really funny, Lin Jin still felt a little ashamed afterwards.
When I took a long breath and went back to the dormitory, I still saw Wu Min sitting alone in front of my head. It seemed that QQ was chatting with someone. Although Lin Jin was not a diviner, Wu Min hadn’t seen him chatting with people for a long time since he broke up with his ex-girlfriend. He was so devoted that he didn’t even find Lin Jin back.
Sad Mimi Wu Min behind Lin Jin curious peek at Wu Min chat box.
I think it’s chatting with that sister in Feng Jing. Wu Min, this guy is a boring man. He says he doesn’t like Feng Jing at all, but he doesn’t like it at all.
Lin Jin held back his smile and felt as if he had discovered Wu Min’s biggest secret. There was a kind of excitement in his heart to peep at others, which made his heart beat faster.
"See what?"
Then excited Lin Jin accidentally kicked aside the chair. Wu Min did not hesitate to cut the brain page into a browser and turned his head slightly to squint at Lin Jin behind him.
"No, I didn’t." When Lin Jin saw that he had been discovered, he denied it. "I just got back. You didn’t notice that I was going to pat you on the shoulder. Am I the kind of person who peeks and chats?"
"Oh?" Wu Min expressed doubts about Lin Jin’s words.
"By the way, did you really talk to Feng Jing?" Lin Jin opened his eyes wide and put his hands on Wu Min’s shoulder and gently massaged him. "Come and tell me about it. It’s not something shameful, is it?"
"No" Wu Min leaned back and enjoyed Lin Jin’s massage, but she just didn’t tell the truth. "I really didn’t talk to her. I didn’t just chat with her."
"Then who are you with?"
"Why should I tell you?"
Jin Lin’s face was black against Wu Min’s shoulder, and Wu Min almost jumped up with a twisted pain.
"pretend to be garlic!" Back to his position with a black face, Lin Jin hit his brain with a dissatisfied face and casually shouted to Wu Min, "Hey, do you want to hit the knife tower?"
"Mental derangement" Lin Jin hummed a brain and then took out his mobile phone to see if the black cat had made any moves again.
But a dozen of the goddess cultivation planning software Lin Jin was stunned by the admirer’s right corner of the selection box 99+
"What the hell is this?" Lin Jin said to himself with a stupid face.
The black cat came in with a good cooperation from the screen and cocked his head to explain to Lin Jin, "Didn’t you stick a fire at this time?" Plus, it’s normal for those guests to treat you as a younger sister and say that your admirers have increased. "
"It’s no good to have more," Lin Jin complained. "I’m not a star. There are so many fans."
"It’s not like a fan. I explained it to you before."
Well, if you ask for the list of admirers, you will say that that person has at least 1 degree of affection for Lin Jin, and subconsciously wants to possess Lin Jin or splutter with Lin Jin … Even if the admirer rarely knows about Lin Jin, it will appear in the list of admirers if the black cat recognizes it.
Which means …
"I’m going out now, so be careful to be slapped by admirers?" Lin Jin couldn’t believe asking the black cat, "Are you out of your mind?"
"It’s okay, they don’t want to force you to seduce them at most, and then they will be inspired by that idea." The black cat cocked its head and snickered. "Besides, admirers are not without benefits. One hundred admirers will bring you rewards. Now the number of your admirers is 131."
"As if I want to thank you," Lin Jin said to the black cat with a straight face.
"Just treat your admirer as a fan!" The black cat wagged its paws. "Well, how about this reward?"
Said the black cat claws buckled from the mouth and then "ouch" one by one. It looked like silk made a semi-permeable belt and slipped out of its mouth. M was still slobbering. Look at Lin Jin and frown.
"Perfect corset! You want this very much! Give it to you! "
Lin Jin disliked putting the mobile phone away, and some gods M spit it out from his mouth.
"It’s not saliva." The black cat found Lin Jin’s face and immediately explained, "It’s gastric juice."
Hi, your mother! Isn’t that even more disgusting!
"It’s for you. This is your reward." The black cat pulled a small box from the place where Lin Jin couldn’t see outside the screen of the mobile phone and put the so-called perfect corset belt inside, so the prop bar in Lin Jin’s mobile phone also showed one more.
"This is close-fitting …" He asked with a black face. "Since it is close-fitting, why do you want to spit it out of your mouth?"
"Just wash it if you have nothing to do."


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