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If not, Lin momo published the data and pictures of Phantom of the Opera and Emperor’s War, and then no captain dared to despise the Elves. If the Emperor really came to the mighty number, would it be easy to deal with the Elf King’s car? There may not be a shred of victory unless a complete time entropy furnace can be developed and a sufficient amount of time entropy fuel can be obtained, and there may be a glimmer of hope.

After the unification of faith, the Discovery Fleet turned to the previous whereabouts, all of which were confusing. The Elf Fleet deliberately built a star to go to the skeleton, so that the Elf Fleet could find it! According to the forecast, there will be no corresponding clues in ten days and a half, and the elves are not welcome at the border. This is the opportunity for the discoverer
"Go ahead quickly, don’t keep your stamina until the bones are renovated. Remember that once you enter the bones, you need to be on high alert. The forces want to spy on the discoverer’s fleet and kill it for me." Lin momo said with awe that there was a murderous look in his words. Strangely, he showed a cruel side. Instead of reducing his personal charm, he soared to the extreme, urging the captains to applaud the wave frequency one by one like chicken blood.
Where is this "discoverer"? Points are a group of so-and-so devil incarnate Lin momo is more or less opportunistic, secretly benefiting himself and constantly guiding his pure spiritual strength. This group of people is very murderous.
Within half a day, the discoverer’s fleet approached the border, and 210 ships flashed out for millions of kilometers in an instant. When we looked again, the ship’s shadow disappeared and completely merged into the starlight.
Skeleton star, which hangs alone outside the public area, is a planet with a very special position. Several nearby stars called Skeleton Star Domain stubbornly resist the invasion of Zerg.
In addition to its special location, it is easy to defend and difficult to attack. Skeleton Star is a unique mineral deposit and has a relatively complete material supply that can support insect robbery today.
However, it’s not easy for Skeleton Star to have a good time in the past. It’s a paradise to have the strength to kill and set fire to evil, but it’s really difficult to deal with the current insect robbery. Every ten days, there will be a large number of casualties. In recent days, a strategic insect tower and several odd insect towers have drifted nearby, which has caused great pressure on Skeleton Star. Ten heads of the Skeleton Alliance are at a loss and don’t know what to do next.
Towering into the sky, the wild building is a landmark building of Skeleton Star. It is said that this building is made up of 1 billion kinds of biological skeletons and zerg skeletons, and it exudes a strong dead air from beginning to end. This warns those who are not sensible not to challenge the alliance of skeletons, which will add blood to the wild building.
Today, at the top of different wild buildings, there are many high-grade star cruise buildings, and an important meeting is being held in the conference room on the top floor. The venue is divided into three groups: radical, neutral and conservative.
"Falisse you bastard you take what to zerg spell? We should accept the light federal woo "
"Hum wimp bit light federal gave you many benefits? Make you willing to be a dog leg? Don’t forget that your family is so kind to you, and they just wear a pair of pants, which is not a strategic insect tower and several odd insect towers. It will be very easy to clear these insect towers with the strength of our ten leaders. "
"Call me a wimp? Mom, if you want to be a hero, go by yourself. That’s the 14th Mockingleaf worm on the list of exotic insects, and there are quite a lot of them. Did you want to die in the past? Even if we can win, I’m afraid our fleet will suffer serious damage. This is the early stage of insect robbery. So what should I do after I ask you? It’s said that in many places, there are golden-winged king worms. Killing Mokejin leaf worms is bound to attract more severe zerg. The light federation offers more favorable conditions, and it’s convenient to move even after obtaining a title, "said the short-seated man pointily.
"Two two don’t argue less bones star now can also support to we wait for a period of time to study this matter? Some news came out from the Adventure Guild. Is the Federation going to the second galaxy to deal with the elves? Is the Federation giving us a title and the title center of the second galaxy vicious? But then again, there is a great potential for insect robbery. If we want to leave the skeleton star, we must obtain the official power, otherwise we have no way out, don’t you think? " When the old man with gray beard came out to make a circle.
"old fox"
"swing grass"
Known as Falisse aquiline nose man and short man at the same time muttered a word to the old man, which was not at all cold. Ten of them represented the order of the skeleton star. If there was no order, how could the skeleton star be here today?
Suddenly there was a ringing step outside the door, and a lady in red came in and scanned the circle and sneered, "What a busy day! Do you know why I showed up so late? I warn you that a super-large fleet is coming to Skeleton Star through the wormhole in the outer ring of the star domain. It seems that some great guy wants to play tricks on Skeleton Star! "
Volume 21 fighters star! Cloud nuclear Chapter 1211 Rebellion
Discoverer’s fleet is coming. Lin momo is coming. When passing through the light federal stronghold, more than 200 high-grade star cruises bring strong pressure to the military. Sitting in the wormhole, the military fortress enters the super-grade combat readiness and keeps an eye on the Discoverer’s fleet for fear that these appearances may look a little awkward. Star cruises suddenly attack.
At that time, the atmosphere was very tense. Well, the commander of the gruss Discovery Fleet handed in the traffic application form in name. The Discovery Fleet was not hostile and was willing to abide by the optical federal treaty. Once it came out of its mouth, it would never look back.
Brigadier General Marton, who was in the stronghold, did not give an immediate reply after receiving the application, but studied the Discovery Fleet facing the light screen.
Thanks to the complete information in the military database, we quickly found out some details of the Discovery Fleet. However, Marton became more nervous instead of being relaxed. You know, this Discovery Fleet has 190 elite star cruise ships, most of which are senior elite ships, and there are twelve odd ships. Some small ships can’t even scrape together twelve B-class ships, but there are twelve odd ships here.
Shocked, shocked, if Mujia can come up with this array, Marton believes it, but it is recorded in the database that the discoverer’s fleet is an unknown adventure fleet in Huojia Port, and it seems to have been hit hard more than a year ago. If there is not such a ship left, I am afraid that the Adventure Association will withdraw the official registration name of the discoverer and let his team replace it. It has just been more than a year since the discoverer’s fleet suddenly expanded tens of thousands of times, and it is difficult to make people believe that the integrity of their application is questionable.
Marton puzzled Lin momo, but he responded with a smile and ordered on-site renovation. After all, it is also good for the discoverer fleet to be able to restore its strength to the chaotic boundary of the skeleton star.
As a result, it took five days for the discoverer to wait near the mouth of the fleet, but these five days were not in vain. Lin Sisuo gave Luis a project to get through various festivals and it was best to meet the head of the military.
Louis is good at dealing with all kinds of people, which is the foundation of his wise man. After some twists and turns, he finally met Marton and gave him a gift worth 20 thousand units of crystal refining resources and equipment
It is definitely not a good job to guard the skeleton star. Marton was "sent" because he offended a big shot, so that there was no oil and water and he was afraid of the skeleton.
Twenty thousand units of crystal refining resources are not a small sum for Marton, and even lanterns can’t find such a good thing. What’s more, the other side has taken a stand.
"Ha ha gruss and captain Louis are really young! Did you really go to the front to clear the Zerg through the Skeleton Star? Such a feat really makes me a soldier ashamed that the military has to rely on the people to do things! " Marton smoked extremely mycelium cigars sent by Louis two days ago and asked intentionally.
"General pavilion don’t you still worry about our discoverer fleet intention? We have limited time. Now that we have become friends, we might as well tell the truth. We have also been forced to have some friction with the Elves fleet recently. Those hateful sharp-eared creatures recognized us and robbed them of their benefits. As a result, they pursued us all the way. The leader would rather lead the disaster to the border than fight in public areas. Elves have become more and more overbearing recently, and the adventure guild and the optical federation don’t care. What a speech! "
"alas! Captain Lewis said that the Elves are too arrogant. Is there one thing that the Discovery Fleet will not come back after it leaves? You know, your fleet is too powerful. If one or two ships sneak out and then re-enter it, I still have some means to do it. If so many star cruise ships are put out and re-enter, I can’t do it even if I don’t want my current position. "Marton finally said what he was most worried about. He could see that Louis and the commander gruss were in a hurry and wouldn’t detour.
"General, please rest assured that even if we come back, we won’t leave the bones because it is more dangerous. Don’t forget that the enemy of our discoverer fleet is the Elves. Relatively speaking, it is better to leave like this." Louis smiled and compared the map with Marton’s eyes wide open. These things will definitely come to light, but he is not afraid of leaks.
"No! You are so crazy to border … "Marton took a deep breath of air conditioning and shook his head.
Money Road Marton finally believed Lewis’s story. During the period, Louis made public some pictures of the Discovery Fleet and Elf Fleet.
Although Marton represents the military here, he knows that some people in the galaxy crouching tiger, hidden dragon can’t afford to offend.
Then again, the Elf fleet was beaten to such an extent in front of the Discovery fleet. Maybe it’s true that the Discovery fleet will cross the border and turn back from the wormhole at the border, as Louis said.
Marton, after all, has a good military accomplishment. He praised the discoverer’s fleet in his heart. Doing so can not only accumulate hope and support the war, but also weaken the strength of the Elf fleet to the maximum extent, which makes the Elf fleet have to fight zerg. Strategically speaking, it is really good, depending on whether the discoverer’s fleet has this strength.
The five-day emergency renovation made the Discovery fleet look good, and there was no need to worry about all kinds of hidden dangers when sailing. When the fleet crossed the wormhole and there was a wormhole in the outer ring of the skeleton small star domain, it immediately attracted the attention of local forces, but those hulls still failed to repair the scars, adding a tough atmosphere to the fleet and making those star pirates afraid to approach.
Speaking of fleet size, 10 ships are small fleets, 10 to 50 ships are medium-sized fleets, and 50 to 100 ships are large fleets. If we go beyond 200 ships, this number is super fleet.
Actually, it is not easy for the forces to form a super-large fleet, because there are too many problems involved, and strength usually represents profit.


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