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Ding Zheng looked at the yellow dog on the ground, and the signs of blood poisoning were obvious, but Zheng Yun, the pigeon meat, also ate it … What did he get sick safely?

After thinking about it, I also think that the other party probably knows the medicine in advance, but the antidote in advance should happen. Only in the story can it be absolutely impossible to have such medicine in reality. After this idea, Ding Zheng looked at the dead yellow dog, and his doubts became even stronger.
"Dr. Zheng’s battle righteousness is extremely admirable, and you are welcome to supervise it. If it is really not done well, just say it directly. We will definitely change it … to eat this mandarin fish." Xu Xuanchong Zheng Yun smiled politely and then took the chopsticks. A mandarin fish pulled a piece of fish from the back and sent it to Zheng Yun’s mouth. "This mandarin fish is delicious just like stinky tofu … Dr. Zheng tasted it."
Zheng Yun frowning at Xu Xuandong eyes indecision uncertain expression Murphy … Has he found out?
Xu Xuan’s eyes are full of warm smiles, and he can’t see his emotions. After some threatening words were finished, his attitude towards Zheng Yun at this time was like Zheng Yun, a friend for many years, who was a little late for a while and then opened his mouth to swallow the mandarin fish.
See Zheng Yunshuang quickly eat fish to Xu Xuan eyes slightly narrowed and then resumed from.
"How does it taste?"
"Not bad"
"There should be no problem with such dishes, right?"
"No problem"
"If you are a doctor, it must be Master Wei Naitang. Is there any other reason?"
"I’m afraid … there is another cause and effect."
"Well, I can’t say it’s too early to avoid a repeat of master Tang’s tragedy. We have to confirm another dish …" Xu Xuan said that the chopsticks were full of dishes to find a new place.
Zheng Yunwang looked a little nervous at the chopsticks in Xu Xuan’s hand … When Xu Xuan reached the chopsticks toward a dish called "medicated chicken", his expression relaxed a little. At this time, a cold sweat broke out in the palms of his hands, but before he gasped out, Xu Xuan’s chopsticks were about to fall.
"Come and have a taste of hairy tofu … this dish will be popular after hundreds of years."
Zheng Yunwen’s face turned pale in an instant.
White! The sideline has been paying attention to the situation for a long time, and Ding Zheng has a little insight in his heart.
"Ha ha Xu Gong ….. I’ve had enough. That’s enough, isn’t it? There’s no problem with the dishes in Xianlou. I’m afraid there are some mistakes when he cooks in the restaurant." Zheng Yun’s expression is a little nervous, but it’s so nervous and revealing that it makes people feel extremely struggling after it is shown.
"I can’t. Everyone is here today. Don’t you just want a result? The Xianlou must satisfy everyone. Is it Dr. Zheng or will you excuse me later?"
"Don’t eat, don’t eat … Xu Gong" Zheng Yun said here to Xu Xuan eyes have some cry inside "all these dishes are no problem"
Xu Xuanwen looked at Zheng Yun quietly for a long time and didn’t speak again. Zheng Yun felt a little fidgety when he looked at him like this.
This time also finally white some things were discovered by Xu Xuan …
"Are these dishes really … no problem?" After silence, Xu Xuan suddenly asked 1 strangely.
"No, no problem"
"In that case, all right …" Xu Xuanwen smiled. "You have verified these dishes by Dr. Zheng. There is definitely no problem … Although it is a little cold, the taste is still there. If you are interested, you might as well share it."
Someone in the crowd heard the news and smiled to prepare.
Zheng Yunwen was slightly startled, but then when he realized it, he hurriedly stopped the former crowd "No, no, no …"
The man who was stopped by him was slightly puzzled. "What happened to Dr. Zheng?"
"This, these dishes …" Zheng Yun took one look at Xu Xuan around him and then looked at the table dishes. Some expressions were at a loss and almost cried.
The crowd has been in vain. Ding Zheng reached out and rubbed his forehead … Such a scene is simply … Some are horrible
Yeah …
Huang Yusheng took a puzzled look at Fang Yuanfu around him and noticed that his thoughtful expression was slightly stunned. Then he squeezed his body and asked him, "Hey, why do I feel a little confused?"
Fang Yuanfu gave him a partial look, then shook his head and smiled, and then covered his lips with his hand. Huang Yusheng’s eyes suddenly widened after listening to it for a while. "What? Is there such a thing? !”
"Why don’t you let my body try those dishes?"
The foreign woman in Linxianlou spoke, and then the crowd gave way slightly.
"Doctor Bai?"
Someone in the crowd recognized the identity of the bearer and shouted in surprise
Chapter 33 Counter-attack (1)
Plain dresses in the crowd appear to be striking and ancient, lush, and the sun follows the female figure into Linxianlou. lady white snake came to Yanzhen these days because of practicing medicine and treating diseases for others. Some people have been tortured by illness for a long time, and they have lived a stable year because of her kindness.
Lady white snake’s temperament has long been talked about by everyone after dinner. Of course, there will be no blasphemy in this conversation because of the female height and cleanliness. Compared with his topic, there is a lot of fireworks in it. Therefore, since she entered the Linxian building, some people have recognized her. Although some people don’t know her, they will know it immediately when they ask around.
Many people have followed the coming fairy building today, with Li Xian behind it, but it is also very important for Zheng Yun and lady white snake to give the necessary letters. At this time, the crowd’s sight shows lady white snake’s elegant posture, and I can’t help but bring some respect.
"Doctor Bai …"
It is true that women in the eye age are inferior to men, but things are absolutely no matter how harsh they are, women are always a part of the times-they can’t be ignored, so there will eventually be things that are suitable for them to display, especially in medical practice and treatment. Women are more meticulous and careful than men, so they may be better in doing it. lady white snake has done it in his own way. It is easy to say.
"School sister …"
Zheng Yun gave her a hesitant look, and his conscious mouth called out, "Many times a woman will stop to smile at him even if she is busy at hand, but this time the woman is not as usual."
He closed his eyes slightly and his expression seemed a little dim. The arrival of lady white snake broke his previous embarrassing scene and freed him from the difficult situation of riding a tiger, but his heart was not much relaxed … because he knew that what he had done had been discovered.
Pei Tsing Yi followed in and looked at Zheng Yun for a few times, then looked not far away and was about to speak. Xu Xuan stood quietly not far away with a straight face.
Xu Xuanyuan had something to say, but because of lady white snake’s sudden arrival, he opened his mouth and no sound came out of his mouth. By this time, he realized that everything obviously could not develop as planned.
Xu Xuan doesn’t show much anger or anger at what Zheng Yun has done. He is still smiling, but this is just not shown. Anyone familiar with other people knows that there are already some deep emotions brewing in his heart at this time.
Although for Zheng Yun to do things, he felt a little nai in his heart, but at this time, the other party can make a poisoning move, so there is no doubt that it can be regarded as an enemy, so it is absolutely impossible if you don’t make some necessary counterattacks.
Xu Xuan heart has set Zheng Yun ending.
He has killed someone and has done it more than once, so he doesn’t mind one more situation. If it weren’t for the previous accident, he might have died himself, so he is even less grateful.
Counterattack means is not complicated. Now that the dishes have been poisoned by Zheng Yun, it’s ok to let him eat them himself. It’s the original idea … No matter how Zheng Yun resists him, he will let the other party eat the dishes and die later. That’s all after.
But all this temporarily lost its meaning with the arrival of lady white snake.
The reason for abandoning each other’s names is that I really have a lot of affection for lady white snake Xu Xuan’s heart. At first, the elegant girl left an impression on him. Later, after a period of time, Wang Cun and his wife really hit it off and became good friends. In such an era, she had her own persistence like Xu Anqi, and both of them were worthy of respect.
Of course, I occasionally think about the possibility that one or two people will surpass friends, but these are probably just ideas. As far as Xu Xuan’s psychological age is concerned, he is past the age when he wants to marry home when he meets a nice woman.
Therefore, he has always been in no hurry for marriage-the influence of later generations’ ideas is hard to get rid of. He is still too old to get married.
But he and lady white snake eyes are friends after all. Since Zheng Yun is the other brother, there are some things that are difficult and inconvenient to do. So thinking about Xu Xuansong shrugged his shoulders, then he left the pie mouth with some boring taste.
"School sister, you’re here." Zheng Yun looked at lady white snake’s face. Although he couldn’t see the mood at this time, he still knew something about his school sister’s slightly white face. He could infer that the woman might have had emotions before and then bit her teeth. "You listen to my brother’s explanation …" Zheng Yun summoned up his courage and turned his eyes to Xu Xuan around. "This life, I’m afraid you’re going the wrong way … He hurt you .. My brother didn’t have the heart to persuade you, but without you, my brother felt that he could help.
Maybe it’s because of nervousness, maybe it’s like this. It’s hard to make sense in the first place. There’s no logic after the words are hurried out.
Everyone around looked at each other in a fog, and no one could figure out what was happening in front of them.
Lady white snake smell speech is eyes calmly looked at Zheng Yun don’t interrupt him until Zheng Yun voice stopped slightly, she thought for a moment before she said, "Brother, my body knows these things."
I can’t hear emotions in a flat voice.
After the woman finished speaking, she looked at Xu Xuan and said seriously, "Why don’t you let my wife taste these dishes?"
That’s what a smart woman is like. She obviously knows that Xu Xuan won’t let Zheng Yun go in the eye, so she wants her life to force Xu Xuan to give in a little.
Xu Xuanwang female good face slant head smiled "this kind of thing don’t be too serious? Everyone knows it. "
"But my body really wants to taste it."
The woman repeated that Xu Xuancai felt that sincerity in her tone did not seem to be joking or angry words. After such a judgment, his face became a little serious.
The onlookers didn’t know what had happened. At this time, because lady white snake was silent with Xu Xuan and Zheng Yun was silent, the atmosphere was silent. The scene seemed like a painting, and no matter from that angle, it felt a little incomprehensible.
It is also a temporary passion to make trouble from being provoked to Linxian Building before. By this time, the cold wind has blown for a few times, and the impulse of the heart has faded. A lot of the sun has tilted to the west, and the streets and houses in Rock Town are old and dim, and the tired birds have returned home, so they all have some thoughts of going home.
"The food is already cold …" Finally, I looked at the female face and said.
"The food can be reheated when it is cold!"
"When the food is cold, it can be heated again, but when people are cold, it’s really cold and …" Xu Xuan said, looking down, the sun shone obliquely from the outside of the door and coated the food with a layer of luster. "It’s not good to eat."
As soon as his words were finished, lady white snake followed with a firm tone that "the original … is not delicious"
Xu Xuanwen was silent for a while again. Huang Yusheng looked puzzled. At present, this woman’s name is lady white snake. He has heard it, but it’s the first time that people have seen it. It’s really like smelling it. It’s a fairy middleman, but they didn’t expect that she and Xu Xuan actually met.
There is something wrong with eye food, especially when Fang Yuanfu explained it to him before, and Huang Yusheng became white.
That’s a novel poison.


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