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Is it anger?

Still sad?
My heart thumped violently. Duke wanted to take a deep breath. I didn’t want Neltharion to find his violent emotional fluctuations, but he couldn’t help it.
Lordaeron, like history, has handed over to Outlak.
I don’t know if it is because the tribes in this era are more fierce, and the kingdom of Lordaeron has suffered worse than history. The urgent expansion of demand has pushed Terenas ahead of history.
The biggest sign that history changed from the’ Lordaeron Alliance’ to the simple’ Alliance’ was the destruction of the kingdom of Lordaeron.
When Arthas sent a central flower to kill his father and destroy the city of Lordaeron, the neighboring countries didn’t have no chance to save other towns in Lordaeron, but they all chose to look on coldly, which gave Arthas a chance to break them all. What?
Are the kings of Quel ‘Salas, Gilneas, Dalaran and storm Gard all blind?
No! No!
That’s because every country around has been particularly miserable by Terenas!
It turns out that after the victory of the Second Dark Gate War, the alliance captured more than 10,000 orcs.
Orcs are invaders who have slaughtered several people and burned several towns. After the victory of the war, Terenas actually made a stupid suggestion that "real knights don’t slaughter prisoners, we just imprison orcs."
Is Terenas really an idiot?
No! On the contrary, he is better than fine! To the point of biting!
On the one hand, the mainstream chivalrous values of the society at that time did not allow this.
On the other hand, Terenas unified the seven countries through the Dark Gate War, making Lordaeron the capital of a new human empire disillusioned. No country is willing to mix with Lordaeron. Since everyone has to bear the losses and destruction caused by the war, it is hard for me, let alone for you.
Almost every human country has been forcibly apportioned to imprison orcs except Storm King.
The famous Dunhold Castle, Lodanmir Reception House and Falling Hammer Town in later generations were all forced by Lordaeron, the ally, to build orc prisons in various countries.
In recent years, the economies of all countries have nearly collapsed because of the war, and it will be strange to be forced to carry this big burden by Terenas, a disguised virgin.
The fact is that history heard that after the fall of Lordaeron, the leaders of various countries clapped their hands and applauded. As a result, they all ignored the fact that the natural disaster corps was not dead, and the number of the dead was overwhelmed.
Duke still felt angry when he learned that Terenas, an old bastard, had finally done it.
Is this what I want?
In order to keep more vitality in the league, I have lived every day seriously since I crossed it.
Even after winning millions of dollars, I have never been corrupt for a day. I put my time on improving myself and the strength of the whole league.
I have never perfunctory every big event.
Every day, I repeatedly deduce that it may change the course of history.
Because I think even if I can’t win every battle beautifully, I can at least bring more hope to the league.
However-ty! Ray! Na! Si!
What the fuck are you doing to me! ? to be continued
Chapter 49 Dry this cup of dichlorvos
Grandpa, my whole alliance is afraid to work day and night to coordinate so many kingdoms.
I’m in charge of the war, logistics, diplomacy and coordination.
Your hometown of Lordaeron was almost robbed, or should I bring someone to save you myself?
Now, it’s hard to turn to the defensive and attack, and I see some hope of winning the battle
I’m not dead!
Damn it, I’ve been touched! ?
Terenas menethil! I will grass your ancestors for ten generations and then grass your grandchildren for ten generations!
Duke’s teeth just bit his chest and heaved violently. His arms kept shaking with excessive force, and his hands and nails fell deeply into the palm of his hand.
There is a very famous saying in World of Warcraft, "bss is afraid of teammates like pigs if it is not afraid of gods."
But there is another kind of people who are more angry and disgusting than pig teammates-that is traitors!
In Duke’s eyes, Terenas is the real lean man!
Pretend to be a virgin watch
Duke’s method prevented King Aidan Renold from dying, but he had already indicated that he wanted to keep the Barov family early. Now, even before he received the exact news that Duke had died, Terenas had taken Duke as a dead man to seize the road of Lordaeron’s "rise".
Duke really wants to send the door back to Terenas at once and say, "Ah! The sun is really dazzling tonight! What? what? You ask me when the sun will shine? It’s simple! Because of Terenas, you king egg is a blind man who can’t see the situation and the future but sits in a high position in vain! You piece of garbage! Your heart is as black as the darkest night! "
"Ha ha ha! Hahahaha! " Duke suddenly ran out of the hole and laughed wildly on the mountainside.
He laughed and drifted far away with the strong wind!
Duke came to think about knowing the historical process and whether he should stop Terenas’ baby Arthas from killing his father.
Now I don’t know why Duke is suddenly eager to see Arthas kill his father.
That old beast must have a great expression of fright!


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