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"I don’t believe it!"

The little crane kept shaking his head and staring at the colorful man. "Are you lying?"
Color male wan smile "your dad that things into thousands of spider dunes that is dead! My colorful tarantulas have already sucked his blood dry! Just eat his meat and drink his blood to practice hahahaha! "
The little crane suddenly suffered such a blow because of the decline of qi and blood, and felt black at the moment and dizzy
"Sister Xiaohe!"
Fox hurriedly stepped forward to hold the crane.
Suddenly, a slap on the man’s head directly shattered his head and his brains dripped all over the floor.
Linghu shook his palm and muttered, "It’s really noisy! It’ s so ugly to laugh, but it’ s so funny that Tiger has put up with you for a long time! "
Su Moshu breathed a sigh of relief
He could see that Linghu didn’t want the crane to be hit again.
Actually, even if Linghu doesn’t move, he will do it!
This colorful man is not going to live, but to stimulate the little crane’s heart as much as possible!
Su Mo patted the little crane on the shoulder and comforted him, "Don’t entertain foolish ideas. This spider knows that things may not be as you think."
The little crane nodded, but the sorrow and death in his eyes could not be concealed.
Chapter six hundred and seventy-three Read the March
Feeling the sadness in the little crane’s heart, Linghu scratched his head and wanted to help her share some but didn’t know what to say.
This kind of thing is unknown to all, such as to comfort.
The atmosphere became a little dull.
Linghu looked at Su Mo and hoped that he could say something.
Su Mo thought for a moment or planned to divert the attention of Xiaohe first and asked, "Xiaohe, how did you enter the intermediate ancient battlefield?"
Although the old crane has broken through into a high-order demon twenty years ago, which is equivalent to Terran law, I’m afraid she can’t get through the intermediate ancient battlefield node by herself.
The little crane seems to have thought of something. Suddenly, his face changed into a human form. He quickly grabbed Su Mo’s arm and said anxiously, "Save Nian Qi by trying to save Nian Qi!"
Su Mo’s heart sank and took a deep breath. "What’s going on? Don’t worry."
Nianqi is the little girl’s body that he’ picked up’ in the city of Zhou Dynasty, which has many secrets.
For example, Nianqi was poor when she was not practicing.
For example, Nian Qi doesn’t seem to feel the passage of time.
Or this sense of time passing is extremely slow.
This means that Nianqi Shou Yuan is extremely long and much longer than people in the same rank!
Even so, Su Mo has no doubt about reading Qi.
Everyone has a secret
What’s more, she is still a child, and there is no malice to him or dimly discernible peak in her theory of goodness of mind.
Dimly discernible peak in the first world war, Qi tried his best, and almost fell into the meteorite. It can be seen that this child has regarded dimly discernible peak as his home.
The little crane said, "This time, the ancestors of the Zhou Dynasty took the initiative to find their mother and wanted to join hands to get through the node."


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