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What did he do?

Tony, stop being Iron Man and choose to be a saint who guards love and peace?
And …
Taurus should belong to the zodiac, right? What about Tony’s universe?
Are you awake?
Mark glanced at Tony from the corner.
not have
Or a mortal?
Even if it is not old, it is still a mortal.
So here comes the question
Is this painting style distorted to such an extent that Marvel Comics is still Marvel Comics?
While Mark was spitting, Tony was busy with his big hand projecting on the screen and pointing.
"… has Jarvis Mark I been assembled?"
"It was assembled five days ago."
"All right, then."
"… Sir, the power core has not been tested."
"If nothing happens, test it now."
"… Bai Qi battle clothes warehouse"
"… Jarvis’s department revised the battle dress and felt that the name of the holy dress sounded better."
"After receiving the modification, Rev. Sheng Yi Warehouse is playing Warehouse No.1, which is being transported … arriving at the elevator … ready to receive …"
At the same time, a very rhythmic BGM suddenly sounded.
Mark’s eyebrows are pounding …
Accompanied by Jarvis’ words
The floor in the middle section of the second floor rises abruptly.
With an elevator, the whole floor, which is half the size of a football field, is filled with fog like dry ice when it is heated …
A little while
The floor roller, a transparent glass cabinet, was brought to Mark and Tony.
After the glass cabinet is opened and the dry ice is gasified,
A humanoid suit full of red and yellow appeared in Mark Tony’s eyes.
Mark was dumbfounded.
This is type I?
Are you afraid it’s not a joke?
Shouldn’t type I be big, stupid and thick, made up of a pile of scrap iron?
Shouldn’t this meow be type ⅲ?
Crazy spit desire to make Mark selectively ignore the model that Tony just came to.
Mark I!
After thinking about it, Mark suddenly remembered it and looked at Tony with an expression. "Explain to me what a Mark model is?"
Mark is human.
But also that great deity and the head of the FBI.
Tony, like a creator, looked at Jay in his glass cabinet and said, "This is a tribute to you. If you hadn’t given me the jazz, I wouldn’t have thought of it. This is a tribute."
Mark took a deep breath and said, "I lent you jazz."
"The same thing, when you didn’t stipulate the lease anyway," Tony changed the subject again with a haha. "What do you think, Mark? I have a hunch that the Taurus Sacred Clothes Project will be the pinnacle of my weapon design. "
Mark didn’t speak
He’s tired after complaining for so long.
Anyway, the painting style has been distorted.
What else can he do?
Knock this smelly fart monkey out with a stick and throw him into some cave in the Middle East? Or go to the big snow mountain to find some bald girl to make her reverse?
forget it
Mark is not that free.
Do whatever you like. Look on the bright side, no matter if at least Iron Man is born.
Although this particularly nonsense and caught Mark off guard.


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