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Looking at Bai Jue with soil, his eyes are calm

Of course, if you think about it, you will know that the success rate will be very low, but you still have to try. If you can get some information, it will always be a little
"Do you want me to die?" White off the pie mouth.
"You can be busy" with soil cold way
"That’s right," Bai Jue grinned. "But do you want to continue to drag on?"
"Of course not … it’s still a little short of preparation" with soil light way
"I’ll go again if I’m white," said Bai Jue.
"Go ahead"
With soil finish is turned to leave.
Bijuu chakra is about to consume one clone. As expected, the number of clones should reach about 100,000, which is why he is not afraid after hearing the news that Bai Jue brought back.
White clone’s combat power is not strong, but it can be exploded at the necessary moment with a potion bonus so that the enemy can not ignore its combat power.
Although bijuu is immortal, it needs to restore chakra at a certain time.
And the dirty soil reincarnated troops are ready to bring soil.
If the clone is a soldier, the dirty soil will lay a big battle, and the winning or losing factors often depend on putting …
But there is one thing that I have been hesitant about.
That is whether the filth is reincarnated in uchiha madara.
You will never do anything to revive the spot in the eye of the circle.
If the metempsychosis comes out, there will be a big trump card in the hands of the soil.
Of course, spot is not a trump card, but it may be a dagger to kill yourself.
The soil has been hesitant!
Watched the earth leave Bai Jue into the ground and disappear. The ephemera came to the stronghold and walked for several kilometers before stopping.
"Do you want to act separately?" Bai Jue asked
"Don’t need it." Half of the black face is quite cold, and the soil is vaguely out of control. Although it is not enough, it is worrying that the prospects will become bleak.
White never knew that the idea of black was to smile and face the fire country again.
Things change.
At first, it was bijuu’s disappearance and self-protection that made the three forbearing villages become attached.
However, in the end, the three forbearing villages have indeed formed a prehistoric example to form a ninja Coalition, but the original purpose has completely changed
This time, the Coalition forces of the five forbearing villages are no longer aimed at Konoha and Fog Hidden Alliance, but purely at Konoha.
It’s extraordinary to do things at an extraordinary moment.
Yunyin village hub letter communication means to negotiate the burden of each forbearing village in this battle, and each forbearing village really has no opinions to fulfill it.
Food, gloves, equipment … All the materials needed during the war, regardless of the national strength gap, each village needs to bear the corresponding pay.
After getting ready to endure the village, with the troops gathered together, the border of fire nation was tied up
Three films gathered here on the eve of the war.
It is a prehistoric event that all the endurance of the village is achieved by removing the leaves of the wood.
One of the three films is actually missing.
There has been no wind shadow in Shayin Village since the death of four generations of eyes and shadows, and Chiyo’s mother-in-law is in charge of village affairs temporarily.
In this way, the Three Shadows Conference has become a strange combination of three generations of Mu Tuying and four generations of Mu Leiying Shayin elders.
Behind the four generations of Mu Lei Ying Ai, the two men were wearing a single blindfold, and the elite was forbearing Darrouy.
The two men behind Onogi, a three-generation earth shadow, are the captains of the loess blasting unit of the earth shadow, who are good at blasting rocks.
The elder Shayin’s mother-in-law is an elite who is good at burning pale leaves and the captain of the new puppet army, Feather Night.
Shayin Village, a puppet master with Chiyo’s mother-in-law, can’t break the puppet’s learning.
Puppets are just tools. You can make tools at will if you want to return them.
This meeting is about the discussion team, but in the process of discussion, it involves Konoha, and it is hard to hide the resentment in my heart.
Sharen village was killed because of four generations of eyes and shadows, and all of them were captured by Konoha.
In Yanren Village, regardless of the initial grievances, it is enough for Onogi to be caught with four tails and five tails.
In Yunren Village, it’s because a few years ago, it was killed by wooden people and thousands of companions, which is also a deadly enemy.
These were planted in Chiba with soil.
Even if it is not Chiba, the strength of the three forbearing villages has been weakened, but the strength of Konoha has soared. This is a scene in which the three forbearing villages accept the law.
Confrontation is also the struggle for interests.
Why is it that our strength is weak and our interests are less, and your konoha is steaming day?
Chapter four hundred Preparation before the war
At the beginning of the original negotiations, it was good that Onogi opened the door and liberated the anger in Ai’s heart after it was dragged to Chiba.
Because of this, the important discussion was interrupted, and Onoki and Ai’s harsh words and angry words were turned.
Chiyo’s mother-in-law was relatively calm at first, and then when she saw Onoki and Ai Yue talking more and more angrily, she resolutely chose to keep her mouth shut to avoid further sharp things.
At the same time, Chiba also returned to Konoha and began to take charge.
Chiba looked at such a situation and frowned.
These three forbearing villages don’t know why they have a brain cramp. They keep staring at themselves and Konoha.
Chiba has explained many times that their disappearance in bijuu is a dry land, and they still don’t believe it.
Why didn’t you Konoha ninja before refuting Uchiha Obito? You should be responsible for Konoha.
In Chiba now, it is white anyway, and the fourth world war is inevitable.
Chiba can’t help but face the joint attack of Shayin Village, Yanyin Village and Yunyin Village, and it is also necessary to prevent blackouts and stab in the back with soil.
Especially black and soil!
But Chiba is not without fear.
Just ready to put them in a nest.
And the forbearance mode should be changed.
Whether it is the first generation of Muhuoying Qianshouzhu or the later seven generations of Muhuoying Naruto Uzumaki tend to balance the forces of the five great powers.
Chiba, on the other hand, is influenced by the idea of reunification. After all, it is in favor of reunification.
Konoha and Wuyin Village are also constantly busy preparing for the war.
His three forbearing villages don’t believe in Chiba dialect, but Wuyin village is convinced of Chiba dialect, especially the two invasions with soil made Wuyin village hate Xiao organization.
Or captured the two of them bijuu.
It has also aroused unprecedented car-scrapping for Wuyin Village, a joint venture of the three major countries.
Do not hesitate to accompany konoha to fight with them.
The three forbearing villages and the rain forbearing village have less than thirty thousand troops.
Even a considerable number of people who lack war experience have been incorporated into the army. Although this is a cruel choice, each village can gain more combat power if it chooses one more person.
After realizing the threat of konoha, the three villages all attached great importance to this battle.
About 30,000 people were stationed on the border of fire nation, but the dispute caused a loud noise.
What kind of emotions are brewing on the surface of silence and calm?
There is reason to worry about the difficulty of letting go of grievances in various forbearing villages, so as to cooperate, but it is a good sign that everything seems calm.


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