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Dragon God Adoge also guessed that Qing took a large group of people to Malay. It’s not surprising to hear this and laughed. "It’s better than Qing brothers. Do you have any plans to go from the Dragon God mainland?"

Qing zheng and prostitutes glances that he didn’t have an idea, after all, for each big face here immature prostitutes light say with smile "we originally wanted to leave the dragon god mainland where to go, and we didn’t have any plans. I wonder if the Adoge brothers have any good suggestions."
The dragon god Adoge said, "The mortal material plane is too pale. It is a good choice that there are many masters of the four big brothers and seven gods. But there, a god is also at the bottom, and even a god is very common. Even a god can be seen everywhere. Hell, underworld, heaven and life are extremely heavy. A bad one may be killed at any time, but a god does not dare to travel to heaven and life. Although it is not so terrible, war and killing are more common than hell.
Qinghe prostitute frowned.
Dragon God Adoge paused and continued, "Qing brothers, although your strength is good now, most of them are holy areas. If you go to the four high gods, you will be afraid of conflict."
Qing hesitated and asked, "What about the seven gods?
Bao Wang w w w b a o s h u 7 o m
When I heard Qing talking about the seven gods, Adoge, the dragon god, frowned. "The seven gods are actually created together by every seven gods. For example, the earth dominates the seven gods to create the seven gods. The killing is relatively less than that of the four high gods. However, if you practice the fire law, you will get twice the result with half the effort. If you practice the Fengshen plane, you will have some constraints. The four high gods will not have this constraint.
Adoge, the dragon god, doesn’t want the Qing Dynasty prostitutes to go to the seven gods.
Qing Xin moved and asked, "What is the influence of Augusta’s family on the seven gods and the four high gods?"
The dragon god, Adoge, took a meaningful look at it and smiled. "The light god world is dominated by light, and seven light gods created Augusta’s family power. In the light god world, it is suspected that some mortal materials are the strongest. There is light in the Vatican. This is not to mention that except for the light god world, the Augusta family power is not weak, but it is not as strong as other big dominant forces. However, the light master and the destiny rule master are good, and the four high gods are also very strong.
Heaven is a series of high gods of fate, but this high god represents a flower, so this line can be said to be really dominated by the rules of fate.
The four high gods are fate, life, death and destruction, and the four high gods are the eleven masters, but the eleven masters also have strengths and weaknesses. The four rules of fate, life, death and destruction dominate the strongest, and then the light dominates Ogu.
Lady Qinghe never thought that the light dominated Augusta and the rule of fate were good. Maybe when the light dominated Augusta, the rule of fate was also a resistance.
However, Qing sneer will be the master of the four rules. For example, even four Gao Shenqing want to see if they can represent the rules around them
It seems that the seven gods can’t go to heaven and can’t go. Hell, underworld and life are the current choices.
Which world should I go to? Consider clearly
The dragon god Adoge hesitated and said, "I want to talk to the Qing brothers."
Seeing the dragon god Adoge clearly, he asked, "Recently, something has been happening on the digital plane. It is said that there is a graveyard for gods on the physical plane of a mainland mortal named Yulan."
The prostitute asked strangely, "The graveyard of the gods?"
The dragon god Adoge nodded and said, "Yes, there are many dead gods’ bodies and godhead artifacts in it. Of course, this is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that there are main godheads and artifacts in it."
Lin Meng and others exclaimed, "The main deity and the main artifact?"
For Lin Meng and others to interrupt the dragon god Adoge, he didn’t care because he was surprised when he heard the news that the family came. You should know that the main artifact is not mass-produced like some artifacts.
For example, an artifact is a god’s divine power and soul power, and it can be refined after 100 thousand years, and so on. Artifacts and artifacts are refined after hundreds of thousands of years of divine power and soul power of a god and a god respectively.
The main artifact is the god’s divine power and soul power, but the god can’t give it to the main artifact casually. Even the angel of the god can have a main artifact. If you want to get a main artifact, you need to complete some planes. The probability is extremely low, such as how many people are killed in a plane war to get another main artifact.
Plane wars only happen once every one trillion years.
The main deity is more difficult to obtain than the main artifact. The main deity is produced when heaven and earth are created, but there are 77 fixed ones. Only when a main deity dies, can the main deity be obtained by other gods and refined can a new god be born.
It’s like Pangu Xingyu Gankunding, a HarmonyOS treasure, whether it’s Qing or HarmonyOS and Yang Mei’s magical powers, it’s impossible to get a Gankunding again.
It is also a truth that the Qing Dynasty killed two winged angels, Han Ruo and Coco, and after removing impurities from the two gods, they could not ascend to the main gods.
Qing was also surprised. "Is this news true?"
Dragon God Adoge nods, "It’s true that the guardian of the cemetery of the gods is a messenger named Beirut Lord God. In fact, this Beirut root is the Lord God. Others don’t know it, but I know it."
Qinghe prostitutes glance at the Lord God? Isn’t it said that the Lord God can’t come to the mortal material plane? The mortal material plane is not as stable as the divine plane. The power of the Lord God will make the mortal material plane collapse. The four high gods stipulate that the Lord God cannot come to the mortal material plane.
But is there a god in the physical plane of this mainland mortal called Yulan?
Seeing that Qinghe Nunai and others wondered about the dragon god, Adoge said, "In fact, it is extremely lucky that this Beirut can become the main god. He used to be a god in the plane cultivation of Yulan mainland, but once when he created the micro-plane cultivation, he met the light master to kill the four main gods of Qinglong, Xuanwu, Suzaku and White Tiger, but before the light master collected the bodies of the four main gods and the main gods, he was caught by this Beirut and later escaped into Yulan mainland. Will the light master want to kill this Beirut?"
Master of light again?
Qing strange asked, "although the light master can’t come to the Magnolia plane, he can enter the Magnolia plane through projection. Is the strength of Beirut so strong?"
Dragon God Adoge nods, "It’s good that Beirut didn’t become the Lord God. Before this, its strength reached the peak of a god. It’s a face god. The first mouse eats the gods. It just scattered the projection of the light master. Later, it refined the main artifact. The light master sent the angel of the Lord God to deal with him. There is no way."
The prostitute wondered, "Brother Adoge, how do you know all this?"
After hearing this, the dragon god Adoge smiled proudly. "The ancestor of our dragon Fain family was the Lord God. At that time, after Beirut became the Lord God, he joined the major gods, and then told the public about the cemetery of the gods and announced that there were gods and artifacts in the cemetery of the gods. The family sent me a letter in advance, and I know this."
Speaking of this, Qinghe Nuwa guessed the meaning of the dragon god Adoge and laughed. "Brother Adoge, do you want us to go to Yulan mainland and enter the cemetery of the gods to obtain the main gods and artifacts?"
Chapter two hundred and sixty-three Yulan Plane
The god Adoge really meant that Qing Ye and the prostitute needed to visit the cemetery of the gods in front of the pointed jade continent. Maybe it is really possible to get the main deity or the main artifact. Beirut built this cemetery of the gods and then spread the news to the outside. It said that it was meaningless. Adoge, the dragon god, didn’t see it yet, but he knew that this Beirut was dominated by light, and Qing Ye and the Nuwa Olansta family were in opposition. According to Adoge, the trip to Yulan mainland meant that even if Qing Ye and the prostitute didn’t get the main deity in the tomb of the gods, it would be good for Beirut to join hands.


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