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"This king of Qin is really outrageous." Tang gaozu is still not Japanese. Tang gaozu’s most ugly brother is Xiao Qiang. Now the king of Qin wants to fight Li Yuanji one-on-one in front of him. How can this not make Tang gaozu sad?

"Father Qin is a little young and impulsive. Father, don’t worry." Li Jiancheng can persuade him so much.
"Hum age still small? I think Yuanji is younger than him, but he understands a lot. "Li Yuan drank a few mouthfuls of tea and was in a good mood. After a moment of silence, Li Yuan asked again," Now that Sui, Zheng, Zhongyuan and Datang have been built, you must never stand by and watch. What should you do? "
"Father, please sit down and have a rest first!" Li Jiancheng helped his father to the soft couch and let him sit down.
"This time, the war in Sui and Zheng Dynasties is going against the Sui Dynasty. Datang can’t just stand by and watch, but as discussed the other day, Datang can never fall into this war before. The best way for me is to wait for the heavy snow to make it inconvenient to transport. The war in Sui and Zheng Dynasties will inevitably be delayed until spring, and the war will break out again."
"At that time, Datang can make preparations before stationing troops and supporting Wang Shichong at any time," Li Jiancheng said slowly.
Tang gaozu hesitated for half a ring and nodded. "Ah, it can be so."
Li Jiancheng arch hand way "father it’s getting late son minister excused himself".
"Go ahead!" Tang gaozu gave a hand and Li Jiancheng slowly walked out of the room. Tang gaozu suddenly stopped him and said, "It’s up to you after the completion. You must watch them and never let your brothers kill each other." The language is full of worries.
Li Jiancheng took a deep breath and said, "Father can rest assured that I will never let their brothers fail in one day."
Got this promise, Tang gaozu seemed to be drained and fell asleep on the soft couch. Soon Zhang Yingying came in with rice porridge to see Tang gaozu fall asleep. He put on a blanket and rested himself. Tang gaozu slept for more than half an hour and woke up to see Zhang Yingying sitting on a table with fragrant cheeks in his hands.
Tang gaozu got up slowly and woke up. Zhang Yingying Zhang Yingying got up quickly and said, "Why are you awake?"
"Oh, I can’t sleep because of something in my heart!" Tang gaozu put the blanket aside and his face was still very worried.
"What on earth is worth worrying about?" Zhang Yingying said.
Tang gaozu hesitated for a while and finally said it. Since his wife left, Tang gaozu felt that he was missing a bosom friend, and he couldn’t tell others what was on his mind at ordinary times. Zhang Yingying’s gentle personality was a good object to talk about. Tang gaozu said what he had just said while drinking rice porridge.
Zhang Yingying leng leng said, "I don’t worry that the king of Qin and the king of Qi are still young and soft. Just like two young couples, it will be fine in a few days."
"I hope so." Tang gaozu smiled and gradually felt relieved.
"But that being said, the princes and concubines, the king of Qin and the king of Qi, are in control of the soldiers, so it won’t be a hot fight!" Zhang Yingying some worry about a shake.
Tang gaozu one leng this should be impossible, but he suddenly remembered one thing, frowning more tightly. Tang gaozu paced with his negative hand. "Yingying, you are right. I might as well temporarily remove their soldiers and let them calm down and think behind closed doors."
"ah!" Zhang Yingying was taken aback and said, "My courtiers are just talking casually. I don’t know anything about state affairs. My courtiers should make amends if they talk too much!" Zhang Yingying said that he would kneel.
"Love princess can’t be like this," said Tang gaozu, who quickly reached out to help Zhang Yingying. The satiny at the touch of this hand made Tang gaozu feel uneasy. This sky grew more and more beautiful, and Tang gaozu couldn’t help but look at her carefully and almost drooled.
Feeling Tang gaozu’s burning eyes, Zhang Yingying’s charming body moved and he was very shy. "What are you doing?"
"Ha ha love princess, but the longer you are, the more beautiful you are." Tang gaozu said, holding out his hand and holding Zhang Yingying’s pair of soft shoes and Zhang Yingying, and gently moved Jiaochen’s way. "You will make fun of male and female servants." Tang gaozu smiled and took Zhang Yingying’s hand and said, "I am tired and went back to the palace to rest!" 277
Chapter 31 A deadly trap dream
Burying his face, Li Shimin rushed out of the palace door and McCullough was pacing anxiously. Since he chose to take refuge in Li Shimin, McCullough was in a bad mood. On the one hand, he learned that Dou Honglian and Yang You were engaged, which made him feel very uncomfortable. On the other hand, McCullough was pressured by his father Luo Yi to tell him to stay away from Li Shimin more than once.
Luo Yi knows very well that with Li Shimin’s repeated military exploits, Gao Zhen will definitely make contributions in the future. Lord has caused conflicts in the Tang Dynasty. Li Jiancheng, an experienced emperor, is a wise man. He knows who is the best to hand over Jiangshan. In the future, there will be huge contradictions between Qin Wang and Tai Tai, and the team must be sure that Luo Yi chose Tai Keer Luo Cheng but chose Qin Wang.
Luo Yi is bitter and can’t say that he can’t say it too clearly, but McCullough is still going his own way. Li Shimin is very close to his father’s words, and McCullough often surrounds his ear, which makes McCullough very upset.
Li Shimin came out in a hurry. McCullough looked up and saw the king of Qin blushing. He was about to speak. Li Shimin rolled over and rode his horse. Without saying a word, Luo Chengnai had to follow Li Shimin closely with Qinbing. When the palace behind him was not far from Qin Wangfu, Li Shimin returned to the house.
Jumping horse Li Shimin angrily returned to the courtyard with a gloomy and terrible face. When Chang Sunzhen saw Li Shimin’s appearance, he was startled, hesitated for half a ring, brought tea and silently put a few cases.
Li Shimin just felt thirsty and had a few drinks in a row. It was too much for him to violently drop the glass to the ground. He actually hit him. This Datang relied on his crusade to win the west. This just occupied China and Bingzhou. Theoretically, he was the first hero of Datang, but today he was treated like this, which made Li Shimin feel angry.
At this moment, Fang Xuanling slowly came along, narrowed his eyes and bowed his hand, saying, "The King of Qin."
"Sit down!" Li Shimin said a word and continued to have a gloomy face.
"What happened to the king of Qin today?" Fang Xuanling light asked.
Li Shimin hesitated for half a ring and made up his mind to say things out. Fang Xuanling couldn’t help laughing at the smell speech. "It’s common sense for the king of Qin to do everything he can to hide a rabbit and a dead dog."
Li Shimin looked at Fang Xuanling with an incredible shock. "What do you mean by Xuanling?"
Fang Xuanling glanced around and looked worried. Li Shimin waved and said, "You all go. You can’t come without solitary orders."
About should be a retreat Fang Xuanling silently looked around a look at this just low way "the king of qin this datang day is the king of qin a knife and a gun to play out!"
Li Shimin couldn’t help nodding Fang Xuanling’s words to his heart.
"But this Datang day is now the pursuit of the king of Qin in the future, but it won’t be a fraction." Fang Xuanling narrowed his eyes. He once persuaded the king of Qin, but the king of Qin didn’t adopt his opinion. Now he’s over the past.
Li Shimin’s eyes flashed a tree. Fang Xuanling said it was so reasonable. Datang was his king of Qin who fought with Datang soldiers for blood and life. But in the future, it was not his king of Qin Li Shimin but Li Jiancheng! Think of this Li Shimin heart some imbalance with what? I’m the one who works hard, but it’s you?
"If you can slap the king of Qin now, you can slap the king of Qin in the future, and I’m afraid it’s more than just a slap!" Fang Xuanling couldn’t help laughing.


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