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It is not appropriate for Huang Tianhua and Zhengxinmen to use knives and guns again.

Xuan Yin calmed down, loosened his sword and stepped aside.
Sun Yat-sen turned a sword into a sword with a flick of his finger and hung it on the wall. Huang Tianhua was shocked to see Sun Yat-sen’s heart. Sun Yat-sen didn’t have mana just now, but he relied on physical strength.
Chen Yan’s control over physical strength is beyond words.
He needs mana to do things, and Chen Yan needs physical strength to do things, which proves that Chen Yan is much taller than ordinary practitioners.
Just now, Huang Tianhua couldn’t do it without moving the sword, because the flight path of the sword is not a straight line but a curve.
Sun Yan said to Huang Tianhua, "Huang Gong, you don’t really come to visit. Go home."
Huang Tianhua took a look at the photo and turned to leave. He knew that the photo was really taller than himself and then "learned" to take advantage of himself. Maybe he would lose a big face.
Huang Tianwu shouted at Huang Tianhua’s back, "Cousin …"
Chen Yan said, "Tianwu, you haven’t done your homework today. Go and do your homework."
Huang Tianwu nodded, "It’s Master."
Every year, hundreds of princes pay tribute to Chaoge.
Xibo Hou Jichang didn’t come to deliver the tribute in person in previous years, but this year he actually came to deliver it himself.
Xibohou is a very easygoing person. He doesn’t know magic or martial arts, but the deduction of congenital hexagrams is more powerful than Jiang Ya.
I visited my old friends and ministers everywhere as soon as I arrived in Chaoge City to offer tribute to Gong Jichang.
Being kind to Xibo Hou Jichang can be said to be the ultimate.
There is no one in the whole city of Chaoge who does not praise Xibohou.
However, Ji Chang violated the taboo of King Di Xin by doing so.
Xibohou not only visited Shang, Bigan, Master Wen and others, but also visited Zhengxinmen with gifts.
You know, Yan Chen and Ji Chang have no friendship at all.
Ulrich invited Jichang into the hall for good tea.
The first time I met Ji Chang, I chatted with Chen Yan about some household words and then left a gift.
Yan Chen saw that Ji Chang seemed to be easy-going and worldly, but he had great ambitions in his heart.
Of course, ambition is not a bad thing.
Chen Yan also pursued his pursuit, not strength and wealth, but also the exploration of "Tao"
Generally speaking, Chen Yan’s thirst for knowledge is very strong. He wants to know the true meaning of life in the universe.
Chen Yangang sent Jichang away from Xuanyin and came back from the outside.
"Master, someone is checking the door of our heart." Xuanyin said, "The other side’s power is extraordinary, even from the palace."
Chen Yan glanced at the direction of the palace and said quietly, "Let her check the heart door. Everything is not afraid of people. Find out and ask her not to bother us."
Daniel is not the one in the palace, but the behind-the-scenes boss at the top of the demon race.
Chapter 662 Personality charm is unstoppable
Su Daji has a protective treasure given by Nu Wa Empress, which can shield the mind. Find out what Chen Yan can’t perceive what Su Daji is thinking, but he can guess that Su Daji’s purpose in finding out the right heart gate must be to prove his true identity as Xuanyin Bailang did in those years.
So it seems that the demon race that almighty has never given up looking for himself.
Yan Yan’s state of mind is equivalent to Jin Xian’s successful repair. It is almost impossible for Su Daji to find out his true details unless he reveals his flaws.
After all, Su Daji is just a fairy fix.
Get doing commanded xuan Yin and white post will no longer ignore Su Daji find out is the heart.
Life and practice have fallen into peace again.
Chen Yanxian’s main energy is to understand the spiritual realm, and if he is on a whim, he will also deduce the first achievement method of introduction.
Huang Tianhua, the queen of immortals, can be proud of her scenery when she returns to Chaoge City.
Unfortunately, it backfired.
He was hit hard when he met Chen Yan.
Huang Tianhua is like a fire, but it doesn’t mean that he is irrational. After returning to the Huang family from the right heart, he found that the gap between himself and Ulrich was too big, even though Ulrich didn’t make moves on himself.


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