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Said the shura ZongDaoJun has come to the front of refining The Hunger emperor to raise the shura knife and cut it off!

At this time, the world shook!
Wu Daozun looked intently.
See two things falling from the sky!
One of them is the bronze Fang Ding.
And the other one is a bloody face mask!
Bronze Fang Ding fell directly towards the wild north domain, and the blood face mask seemed to sense something flying in the direction of refining The Hunger emperor.
Shura Zongdaojun’s long knife chop off failed to split the head of The Hunger Emperor in half, but cut this bloody face mask bomb instead!
The man was shocked and refined, and the The Hunger Emperor’s bloody face mask suddenly jumped up from the ground!
Refined The Hunger emperor broke out into a terrible force, raised his hand and interrupted the knife to directly pierce the eyebrows of this shura Zongdaojun!
A fatal knife will directly slay this Shura Sect brother!
Flint occurs in the whole process
The title brother didn’t even think about it when he fell. White had lost his fighting power. How could The Hunger Emperor suddenly break out and be beheaded?
Wu Daozun finally confirmed one thing when he saw this.
Both the bronze Fang Ding and the blood-face mask came from the world and came at the same time 40 thousand years ago
The refined The Hunger emperor looked at the body of the Shura Sect’s brother with a complicated look and stopped for a long time before taking a deep breath and turning away.
Wu Daozun continued to browse the memory of refining The Hunger Emperor behind him.
Through these memories, Wu Daozun also solved many puzzles in his heart.
The Classic of Refining The Hunger was really created by refining the secret method of The Hunger Imperial Blood Rattan clan, but it was helped by the creatures in the blood face mask.
The life in the mask of blood face was refined, and the practice of Emperor The Hunger helped him a lot.
In the end, Emperor The Hunger was chased by Xian buddha magic three times, and no one helped him. If he had not had a bloody face mask, Emperor The Hunger would have fallen.
By refining the memory of Emperor The Hunger, Wu Daozun also saw the great monk of that year.
Although two people are enemies of life and death.
But the refined The Hunger emperor regarded the monk as his only confidant in his heart.
Because all the practitioners have great monks who are willing to give him a chance!
In the end, the two men tried to refine the The Hunger Emperor in World War I, so it is suggested to take this opportunity to feign death to get away and secretly practice another magic skill!
This is the blood face mask granted to the three-body solution of the separation of Emperor The Hunger!
Su Mo, a busy method, has also heard of the night spirit. It is said that the immortal gate is just as famous as the Buddhist gate.
But what is the origin of this bloody face mask? Wu Daozun didn’t find the answer after reading the memory of refining The Hunger Emperor.
Creatures in the blood face mask have never seen it before.
Wudao Zun originally wanted to directly kill the The Hunger Emperor Yuan God, but he hesitated a little and suddenly became curious about the vague memory of refining The Hunger Emperor when he was young.
Wu Daozun went back to reel off cocoons.
That memory comes out little by little!
After the scenes passed by, the look of Wudao Zun gradually became complicated.
"bastard! I command you to dare to disobey! "
A tender face was crushed by a blood vine clansman in the soil!
The blood vine clan stepped on the teenager’s cheek condescendingly and said coldly, "You are a bastard and your mother is a bitch!"
"Don’t scold my mother!"
Even though the teenager was trampled on, his face was full of mud and his mouth was full of sediment, but he still gritted his teeth and looked angry!
The blood vine clan sneered, "Your mother seduced wild men outside to give birth to you. You are the shame of my blood vine clan!"
While cursing the blood rattan people, they mercilessly drove the young face into the soil.
Surrounded by a group of blood rattan people, they laughed at it while watching the excitement.
Wu Daozun suddenly made a fortune, and the Emperor The Hunger would slay the blood vine clan.
When Wu Daozun saw these memories, The Hunger Emperor Yuan God suddenly became excited and wanted to break free from the bondage of Wu Daozun!
These are the deepest secrets of The Hunger’s imperial heart.
This kind of experience will refine the pride of The Hunger Emperor and will never be to others.
Chapter one thousand seven hundred and seventy-three The era is over
Wu Daozun continued to browse the memory of refining The Hunger Emperor and witnessed everything.


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