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Wang Shan took a look at "I know, you go."

Wang He asked, "What is it in Shan Ge?"
Wang Shan said, "If it’s none of your business, go to Suzhou yamen now."
Wang Shan came to a courtyard outside Suzhou with an invitation.
"Are you looking for me?" Wang Shan looked at Yan Longyuan and asked
Although Yan Longyuan had a relationship with Wang Jiacun, Wang Shan had never seen what he didn’t know.
"Yes, it’s the old Yan Longyuan who met Wang Shaoxia for you." Yan Longyuan said with a smile.
"Are you Yan Longyuan?" Wang Shan said, "If Mr. Yan needs to buy soy sauce and spiced spices, he can go directly to Wang Jiacun or go to the martial arts museum to talk to me about why he wants me to meet you here?"
Yanlongyuan laughed. "I want the formula here or Ann this time."
Hear YanLongYuan said formula wangshan face a changed sneer at a way "it seems that the old man yan is also a wolf ambition, unexpectedly hit my Wang Jiacun formula. Pay attention to the formula is my Wang Jiacun root. You even can’t swallow it and hum to leave."
Yan Longyuan said lightly, "Wang Shan, if you tell me the formula today, there is still hope for life, otherwise you will die in this courtyard."
Wang Shandai fine steel gloves eyes with pitfalls "old man, do you want to leave me? Even not so easy. "
Yan Longyuan disdained to say, "If Wang Yue still has some weight, you are not qualified for martial arts. My eyes are not enough to see the roots."
Yan Longyuan slapped Wang Shan with his palm, and the innate qi of his palm emerged with amazing momentum.
Wang Shan’s face changed and he shouted, "Dragon and snake strike together!"
Dragon and snake converging attack is a killing move in Xingyi Boxing, a family boxing. When this move comes out, it is either the enemy’s death or mine.
Yan Longyuan is a great threat to Wang Shan, so he can feel the pressure only when Xiao Feng and Wang Yueshen are involved.
This YanLongyuan is absolutely as strong as Xiao Feng and Wang Yue.
Yan Longyuan is a master fighter.
Wang Shan was shocked and his qi and blood were scattered, and he could no longer condense.
"Wow …" Wang Shan vomitted an one mouthful blood and turned pale. He felt that his bones were broken and a few dirty ones were shattered.
"Tell me the formula," Yan Longyuan said.
"Ha ha, I won’t say the formula even if I die, old thief. You will die." Wang Shanda laughed.
Yan Longyuan said coldly, "If you don’t tell me, I will kill everyone in Wang Jiacun and Suzhou Martial Arts Museum!"
Wang Shan’s face changed dramatically. "How dare you?"
Yan Longyuan laughed. "Do you dare me?"
Wang Shan smiled miserably. "You can kill Wang Jiacun and the martial arts museum, but there is only one person you can’t kill. You will definitely die in his hands in the future."
"Do you mean Wang Yue?" Yan Longyuan sneered, "I really can’t kill him, but I didn’t talk to Wang Jiacun and his Wang Yue in the martial arts museum, which is a lonely ghost, and Wang Yuegen couldn’t find me after I hid."
Wang Shan compromised. He couldn’t change the formula and let everyone in Wang Jiacun die. "Okay, I’ll tell you, but I beg you not to hurt Wang Jiacun people, or I won’t let you go even if I’m a ghost."
Yan Longyuan nodded, "I want the formula. You can rest assured that I won’t hurt Wang Jiacun people if I get the formula."
Wang Shan told the recipe, and Yan Longyuan made a mistake, and his heart was shattered with a palm.
Wang Shan felt the rapid loss of vitality in his heart and said, "Wang Yue, come back quickly and kill this old thief …" After that, Wang Shan fell into darkness.
Chapter 3 Anger
A Bi looked at Wang He and the corpse in charge and felt very sad. Who killed them?
Arjun A Bi said, "Brother Wang Shan of A Bi is better at martial arts than others. Few of them can kill others. The autopsy said that they died three days ago in A Bi. Don’t be sad. Let them be buried. When Wang Yue comes back, we will find out who the murderer is."
A Bi nodded and said, "Sister Zhu, don’t worry, I’m fine. I didn’t expect that someone would report to Wang Jiacun and the martial arts museum. I think they must have killed the steward and Brother Wang Shan for the soy sauce and spiced seasoning formula. No matter who it is!"


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