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The northern ghost family has long been in name only.

If the three great families were not interested in the so-called guarding secret of the Northern Ghost Family, the Northern Ghost Family would have been destroyed!
Although hundreds of millions of miles apart, violet’s face here is still sensed by the dragon’s face, so you can rest assured.
Now Su Mo’s only worry is the night spirit.
They were blown away by the virtual turbulence, and the violet and dragon bodies were sent to different places, hundreds of millions of miles apart. I don’t know how the night spirit is now, but whether it is still floating in the virtual turbulence.
At this time, Su Mo’s eyes penetrated the window and fell on the girl in the courtyard.
Now it’s been a year and a half since Su Mo Dao.
During this period, Beiming Snow can be said to be reborn and improved by leaps and bounds. It has been cultivated to the realm of blood like the tide a month ago!
Normally, you can try to condense qi and blood by cultivating blood into blood such as lead and mercury.
However, Su Mo has extremely high requirements for Beiming Snow.
He taught Bei Mingxue at the highest level.
Su Mo didn’t let North Ghost Snow rush to condense Qi and blood, but continued to cultivate blood.
With a solid foundation, the future road of Beimingxue will be broader and the achievements will be limitless!
It is much easier to cultivate blood like the tide and then condense qi and blood. It can be said that it is natural.
In just one month, Beiming Snow touched the threshold of Qi and blood elixir.
Just now, Su Moxian felt that the smell of Beiming Snow had changed!
The original northern ghost snow cultivated to the point where blood is like the tide, and the whole body is full of qi and blood. Even if it does not move, others will ignore it.
The blood gas is extremely strong!
North Ghost Snow looks like a pure-blooded fierce beast!
Fortunately, no one came to Beiming Ao and didn’t come back during this period.
Otherwise, I’m afraid I’ll be surprised to see the snow in the North Ghost!
Now, the qi and blood of the northern ghost snow body suddenly converge rapidly, as if it had condensed into a point in an instant!
The smell of the northern ghost snow has become gathered again.
Now the girl who looked quiet seems to be back.
However, the discerning person can still see that today’s girls are much stronger than the bloody Beiming Snow a month ago!
The sixth change of budo has become an elixir of qi and blood!
In the courtyard
Beimingxue felt the physical condition and looked happy. She turned around and wanted to share her joy with Su Mo for the first time.
She just turned around and saw Su Mo looking at her with a smile not far away.
"Mr. Su, I have condensed the qi and blood elixir!"
North ghost snow crossed and said
Su Mo nodded slightly. "Good. Keep practicing. Don’t slack off."
"Thank you, sir"
North Ghost Snow made a deep bow to Su Mo, saying, "If there were no sir, I’m afraid I’d still be wandering about the first change of budo."
"Every drink and peck has a destiny."
Su Mo said, "I gave you this opportunity because of karma."


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