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The masters of Dan Jin and Gang Jin in Nantianmen have also had many times of training experience. They want to stimulate their cells in this way to achieve the effect of refining gas.

The root cause is Ji Xinghe, who is so good at fighting the Federation. At present, there are six people who have developed strong skills, including Li Yuanba, but none of these people can win Ji Xinghe.
Except for Li Yuanba, the other five powerful experts can beat ordinary civilian orangutans, but they can’t win if they are aristocratic orangutans who have received unified fighting training.
Better than Li Yuanba’s current record is that he beat the Earl Orangutan with his bare hands, and he was slightly injured at that time.
Such a contrast can unilaterally beat the title of the strongest man in the multi-imperial marquis, orangutan, Ji Xinghe, and there is no doubt that all his acrobatic experiences have been imitated by those people
The effect is that it is not helpful for refining orangutan gas at present.
It’s like being alive, but Ji Xinghe didn’t run his anger at this time, but suppressed it.
When the gas cells in the cells are stimulated, they want to protect the cells independently.
It can be said that it is full of body stimulation, but it also brings him harm, and the first energy is to protect Ji Xinghe.
The conflict between the two causes Ji Xinghe cells to die and then divide and regenerate.
Sudden acceleration of metabolism did not make those qi disappear, because temperament became a’ gift’ of the owner because of genetic changes.
Just like people are born to eat and drink, digestion is a gift.
However, with the evolution of human beings, eating cooked food and not drinking raw water, human digestive ability has deteriorated in a sense compared with ancient times.
Eating raw meat will lead to indigestion and even a bad stomach, but in ancient times, people ate raw meat.
Do not discuss whether health takes into account evolutionary factors.
Ji Xinghe believes that if life wants to evolve, it needs a crisis. Without natural enemies, the living environment has not changed, and organisms will not have significant evolution for thousands of years.
Being in an blue star, Ji Xinghe needs to create a crisis for himself.
Qi quality is a kind of genetic evolution, which shortens the time required for evolution. Ji Xinghe needs to give his body more intense stimulation of other qi.
Three times gravity is so thin, gas is so practiced, including nuclear radiation to practice, and so is it.
And fighting.
When Ji Xinghe took control of the balance of qi in his body and made a fighting gesture, three fighting robots controlled by Xingyue rushed at him.
Zhi Ji Xinghe felt that other methods could not control his body and maintain high-intensity combat. When three combat robots stopped moving, the training room environment was restored.
Training is no longer played.
Xingyue waited quietly for a moment to confirm that Ji Xinghe was repetitive after recovery.
"Master, I think Emperor Wudi III is definitely not your opponent. How can an imperial emperor train as hard as you? Being pampered must be more serious than that chubby. Even if it is supported by Emperor Wu I and II, it must be abolished. "
"not necessarily"
Ji Xinghe thought of the imperial education environment, social system and so on. It can be confirmed that the possibility of the empire’s own research, including nuclear energy, jump gate and so on, is almost impossible
If it is in line with the analysis and speculation of some federal experts that these things are all from another alien language, then Emperor Wu III must have greater pressure than himself.
It may be as hard as itself.
"Definitely," the moon and the stars said firmly. "Even it has pressure, but you have more than just pressure. I prefer to generate power from the goal of protecting others rather than turning pressure into motivation. Emperor Wu III certainly didn’t need to protect the orangutan. It was too dead to see how it was."
That’s true.
From the social system, the universal significance of imperial orangutans is definitely not as important as that of human beings.
Because imperial orangutans have many wives and children.
From this point of view, it is really valuable for Kazeman, a marquis orangutan who wants revenge.
Ji Xinghe has completely recovered during a few conversations.
The moon and the moon reported it.
"Biological mecha laboratory TuYuan arranged a friend over there. I don’t think it’s like a friend. It’s like his hand carried out an experiment similar to Dr. Essen’s, which made them discover like Dr. Essen.
Now they already know that the success of their biological mecha materials is due to the fact that they have cultivated the biological materials with the Prince of Empire gene, which leads to some gas characteristics in those biological materials.
So a new research project appeared, which met our expectations. They decided to combine biomaterials with mecha as soon as possible and try to control the gas contained in it by neural link technology.
I heard them say that they want you to install the brain-computer interface and then carry out this kind of test, but Tu Yuan’s hand was very powerful and refused, and some people helped him with this experiment because it was too risky.
Finally, it is determined that the experimenters are three experts who have mastered the martial arts, and two experts who have mastered Dan Jin Kung Fu are ready for the second experiment. It is no problem to do the first experiment … "
Ji Xinghe didn’t want to implant the brain-computer interface until he mastered the gift power.
The reason is that kazeman’s experiment
Compared with Kazeman, there is a big gap in the physical fitness foundation of the marquis gorilla Ji Xinghe, and he is really old
Kazeman’s nervous system has been damaged, but he may not be able to recover. To be on the safe side, he can choose to give up temporarily.
But that doesn’t mean that he can’t make neural link technology driving mecha.
"Kazeman has recovered very well, and the new generation of brain-computer interface is still under study. They have made joint efforts with the biological mecha laboratory to try to make a breakthrough in this respect.
Before the appearance of the new brain-computer interface, another experiment you discussed earlier was to let Kazerman try to make the air force intervene in the neural link operation without making the brain-computer interface situation.
At present, all the experiments have failed, but Katzmann gas can really affect the neural link operation, saying that this direction is feasible


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