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Watching the fire start in Baiyun Tower, I raised my hand and grabbed a sea dumpling several feet long and many feet thick, which was taken out of the lake by a virtual hand.

Several people have recognized the residual breath from the wound of the small fish demon that it is this sea dumpling that even won’t bother to display the soul-searching technique, so I plan to directly crush this siren.
However, when I saw my sister Xia, I also angrily made moves to Baiyun Tower. I endured it a little. My sister Xia’s green vine wrapped up the sea dumplings.
With the explosion of green vine and flower power, the sea dumpling was instantly exploded into several sections.
See pool after no discomfort Baiyun Lou this just secretly rest assured.
I used to worry that Sister Xia would be soft-hearted in the face of extremely evil people. Now it seems that Sister Xia still dares to make moves in the face of big villains.
In the end, it was the Baiyun Tower that imprisoned the sea dumpling when its martial sister’s green vine burst, and then the demon body and soul of the sea dumpling were crushed first.
Baiyun Tower wants to see if the pool is determined to kill the demon all summer. Since it is beside you, there is no need to let the pool be contaminated with evil.
Although this sea dumpling should be punished, it is a creature in the human world after all
To Baiyun Tower’s surprise, after the killing of Haijiao, the evil spirit hovered around Baiyun Tower, but it seemed that it didn’t find the target and dispersed directly.
There was speculation before, and this time it was really the case.
Since my breath has been hidden from the human world, I can’t find Qi Qi. What’s worse, this little siren
It seems that this world will not be disturbed by the idea of killing, but I am not addicted to killing myself.
It was Yan Qi who rushed out of the lake with a big wooden stick in his hand.
I haven’t seen you for days, and I’ve lost a lot of weight. I’m still a little unkempt, but my eyes are brighter than before
Yan Qi looked at the lake floating and breaking a few pieces of the sea dumpling demon body and looked at the opposite cloud. A few young monks couldn’t help but secretly speculate in Zheng’s heart, but they were not sure.
"Thank you a few battle righteousness …" Yan seven big wooden stick Jianli several people.
"Yan’s seven friends must pay more attention to their duties. They haven’t seen Yan Xiong’s elegant demeanor for months." Baiyun Tower responded indifferently.
"You … are really the white leader?" Yan seven surprised and asked
Baiyun Tower motioning with his hand said, "It’s good to call the younger brother Yunlou by such a name. I’ve been inquiring about Yan Xiong for a long time, and I don’t want to see him today."
Yan Qi heard one leng, but I didn’t expect this friend who only met once to feel so sorry for himself.
"The Taoist friends in the cloud tower didn’t know that Yanmou remembered the magic soul for a while and was plunged into the sea of knowledge by the magic soul. Today, it has not been completely eradicated, so how can he face his former colleagues again?"
The concept of mindfulness took a look at the Baiyun Tower with a wave between the eyes of Yan Qi, and said indifferently, "Brother Yan needs to worry about the devil’s soul. I will help you find out a thing or two later."
After a little meal at the Baiyun Tower, we asked, "When we came back from the East China Sea, we knew that Yan Xiong was chasing this sea dumpling all the way, but we didn’t know if we could tell the younger brother about the subsequent experience."
"Ah, the magic soul in the East China Sea …" Yan Qi remembered this matter.
"Yanxiong rest assured that the demon soul has been destroyed a few days ago … if Yanxiong doesn’t go to Yuntou for a chat"
"It’s good to cut it out so soon …" Yan said with a big wooden stick at one o’clock.
In the misty clouds, watching the demon recover, but the breath is greatly reduced. The fish demon Yan Qi can’t help sighing.
"It’s not bad that this little fish demon can escape his life. It should have been Yanxiong who saved this little fish demon’s life." The Baiyun Tower counted out.
"It’s still too late …" Yan Qi sighed and immediately told the story of these days’ experience briefly.
It turns out that a few days ago, when exploring the trace of the demon soul in Yanqi’s unsealed undersea small world, I noticed that the crack in the broken undersea palace of Haijiao swallowed an ancient demon Dan by mistake.
The sea dumpling was complacent and turned to escape from the small world under the sea. Yan Qi also immediately followed after it.
Nai Na Hai Jiao Dun Shu Avatar has to dodge Yan Qi several times all the way.
Hao Yan Qi is very sensitive to the magic gas. After some exploration, he can always find the trace of swallowing the magic sea dumpling again.
This sea dumpling is escaping all the way, refining all the way, devouring the ancient demon Dan Feng’s demon soul, and also invading the sea dumpling’s demon soul conveniently.
The sea dumpling, bewitched by the demon soul, devoured the demon Dan while practicing the magic power. A secret place at the bottom of the sea put the magic power into the door.
From secretly escaping to the sea, Jiao was induced by Yan Qi to immediately catching a sea dumpling war in the East China Sea.
Hai Jiao’s magic power was first achieved, and he didn’t want the Terran monks to entangle him, so he immediately cast his magic powers to escape through the sea area and found the dry river estuary all the way along the river.
The magic skill cultivated by Haijiao can forcibly devour popularity to ascend.
When it was just swallowed, the sea dumpling should be still awake, and I dare not devour it and dare not stay for a long time, so I swallowed it and fled to swim.
As the magic power grows, Haijiao is a little reckless. After arriving at Liuhua Lake, it is crazy to devour the popularity around Liuhua Lake.
At this moment, Yan Qi also followed the magic gas to find Liuhua Lake and sensed that the Terran monk was about to break through the sea dumpling again. He was even more reluctant to pester and turned to swim directly into Liuhua River.
Don’t forget to devour the popularity on both sides of the strait when you flee against the Liuhua River.
When I arrived in Luoshui County, I noticed that the popularity of this place seemed to find a breakthrough machine, so I was carried away by the magic idea. The demon knowledge stopped in Luoshui County and swallowed up the popularity of Luoshui County.
Koi fish, a young practitioner in Zhengbaiyuan, regarded popularity as a treasure, sensed abnormal changes in Qi activity and immediately fled back to Huahe to find out.
Aware of the small fish demon of the sea dumpling, he is not afraid of the condensed bubble method to cover and protect the White House, and then he plans to drive the sea dumpling away.
At this moment, Yan Qi drives one person, one demon, and makes several moves to join forces to scare the sea dumpling and flee.
I don’t know that this time, the sea dumpling induced the small fish demon to swim very fast, so he pretended to escape, in fact, to attract the small fish demon to break each other.
Escape back to the flower lake and the sea dumpling, while following closely, the small fish demon was unprepared to cast his magic powers, and just succeeded in attacking the small fish demon with a small magic skill.
Bite the sea dumpling behind the small fish demon, and forcibly take out the demon Dan, who is preparing to devour the small fish demon, but decisively smash the demon Dan.
Chapter seven hundred and one Refining true blood
Angry from embarrassment, Haijiao was about to completely devour Yan Qi, a small fish demon, and finally saved koi fish’s demon body.
Then, one man and one demon fought at the bottom of the lake, and it didn’t take much time. Several people from Baiyun Tower rushed to kill Haijiao.
Hearing that the small fish demon Liuhua River fought bravely, it was very difficult to prevent the sea dumpling from devouring the demon Dan, and several people were deeply moved.
Real this small fish demon several people have already taken charge of the sea dumpling without hesitation.
"The demon soul has kept most of it, and now the demon body, which is self-styled in the watery beads, has recovered as before. It is not so easy if you want to refine it again …"
Looking carefully at koi fish’s demon body Baiyun Tower, he mused slightly and then said, "I will bring it back to Qingyun Gate first and slowly recuperate. I can always think of ways to practice again."
"Can also be so …" Zhao-yang xia lovingly leaned over and gently stroked the little koi fish demon body suddenly eyes a bright.
"Ah, yes, how can you forget this? Haha …" It seems that Xia Chaoyang jumped up and his eyebrows were full of smiles.
See master elder brother some doubts this just hurriedly said ""brother and sister may have a way to make koi fish completely recovered … that is, the blood magical power refining true blood that … "
Baiyunlou asked doubtfully, "Isn’t that to shape the demon family?"
Xia Chaoyang nodded and answered, "Yes, but you think, brother, the demon race is to re-practice the demon body, wash the marrow and cut the pulse, so it is not a problem to think about the demon Dan."
Hearing this, the Baiyun Tower could not help but praise, "You have a good idea, martial sister, but you really have a chance to let the small fish demon recast its body."
"Brother, you wait for a while, pool. It’s time to practice magical powers …" Say that finish, Xia Chaoyang immediately sat in a cloud and practiced with great strength.
Ok, practice on the spot … Today, Xiao Chaoyang’s performance really made Baiyun Tower sit up and take notice.
Decisively kill the evil dumpling and save the small fish demon. The thinking is clear and transparent, but I don’t want to delay the rest of my time and practice directly.
Looking at the practice of Xia Shimei’s Baiyun Tower with rapt attention, I was very sorry that Younger had grown up unconsciously …
Thought move to school sister and small fish demon body Zhou Buyang god enchantment Baiyun Tower this just turned around.
Looking at a full face of doubts, Hu Yan’s seven Baiyun Tower laughed. "Yan Xiong, these two are younger brothers and sisters. This small fish demon is also very familiar to us. Thank you for your help today."
Speak, salute and thank each other in Baiyun building


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