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Extraordinary life is well known.

Fox Town is a paradise in the Extraordinary World and the only paradise that is not controlled by the Extraordinary World Management Committee.
This is not only because of the particularity of Fox Town, but also because the combined force of Fox Town is no worse than several dimensions.
Fox Town has a rigid and strict management standard for exotic extraordinary creatures.
After all, if you want to settle down in Fox Town, the extraordinary life will be examined and certified by the Extraordinary Committee of Fox Town. If you don’t have this step, you dare to step into the boundary of Fox Town. Then you didn’t say that you should directly arrest and say that you are guilty after being investigated, directly nullify and throw it out.
To the so-called wanderer?
Fox town directly ignores this kind of wanderer and directly kills it.
There are three wandering vampires here to make a comparison.
That is, these three vampires are pure wild, that is, they belong to the kind of toad at the bottom of the well who thinks that seeing the sky is a complete day …
Set a guilty standard at the fox town Council?
Who knows?
If it weren’t for the ever-changing standards of guilt, the population of Fox Town wouldn’t be less than 3,200 …
Mark didn’t hear it clearly when he heard that there were some cowardly evasions.
Landing again, Sister Lan arranged her own headdress, and then she said, "It’s not because a group of outside mercenaries wanted to attack the extraordinary life of small towns in the 1990s and directly tore up nearly a few hundred people, which led to the whole extraordinary world asking for our policies. Several big leaders of major dimensions lobbied our committee to say that times are different and we need to make progress, and then Mayor Bader pushed through the [soft decree] of the committee."
"Soft law?"
"Yes, anyway, it means that the extraordinary life in the town can’t take the lead, especially the alchemist."
"… consumption? What did he do again? "
"Who knows that the mayor of Bud will focus on the alchemist anyway?"
"… all right"
Listening to the words on the radio, Blue Sister waved goodbye to Mark and said, "They will be here soon, so please leave quickly."
Mark smiled and didn’t say that he waved at Blue Sister and said "Goodbye Blue Sister".
"Goodbye Mark"
Say that finish
Blue sister disappeared behind a stone as soon as she set off.
Mark looks up to heaven
More than nine years?
A group of foreign mercenaries stormed the town?
It’s not that Stryker, who can’t even find the grave, sent him to grab his sister Mia’s hand, is it?
Mark thought to himself.
Just then.
Not far from the forest, there came the sound of something flying by.
The sound is getting closer and closer
A little while
A tall curly-haired woman in a snow-white coat suddenly appeared in front of Mark and looked at Mark with a smile on her face.
Light yourself a cigarette. Mark glanced at the bearer or turned his eyes to the twilight lake.
This curly-haired girl can shape in four words.
Common fat powder
Mark, she smelled that disgusting symbol of promiscuity, so she was disgusted …
Victoria curiously looked at Mark who was the first to see her and was not addicted to her beauty.
A naked man with a flat neck and an ornament looked at Mark’s priceless suit and smiled, "Beautiful coat."
Mark smiled. "Do you want it?"
James, a wandering vampire, laughed. "Will you give it to me?"
"Of course"
Mark leaned over and looked naked. James said faintly, "You look like a tramp naked in winter. I am very caring. I gave it to you. Do you dare to take it?"
James watched Mark and sniffed like a mouse.
Threatening breath
After confirming his eyes, James clicked his neck and laughed, "I like to pick it from you."
A smile appeared on Mark’s lips.
He is upset now and can’t find anything to vent.
That’s good
There’s a guy who doesn’t have eyes to send the door to let him vent his anger.
Play slowly
You cann’t play to death
Mark thought about it and immediately asked James as if he were homely, "Are you from other places?"


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