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It also wants the solidification virtual to mix with the three virtual.

If these three virtual objects collide together, they will have a very great … effect.
But what effect created the sea is unknown.
These nuclear information are just three virtual mixed information that it studies, but not after mixing, but after mixing.
You don’t want to know what will happen after mixing when you create the sea body.
Because there are quite a few possibilities, the only thing that can be confirmed is that it will definitely come back to life.
There may be a lot of extinction for other creatures, but there are also many drastic changes and many new changes in the environment.
It is mainly looking forward to seeing this new change.
These … ideas can also be found in nuclear information.
After Lin and Walsh said these things, Walsh also recalled more things.
It is true that these things were also said when they fought against the creation of the sea … The creation of the sea wanted to mix the three virtual things.
Walsh, they stopped it at that time, but only when it was extended.
Moreover, the operation of creating the sea was very successful at this time, because it was very secret, and it seemed that Walsh had never noticed it.
Although the plan is to create the sea, not all the departments do it by themselves.
Solidification deficiency does not create sea attraction, solidification deficiency collides with normal deficiency, which seems to be a’ natural phenomenon’
Unpredictably, it has been trying to mix it.
Of course, unpredictably, not here.
It is far away from the normal virtual.
But the creation of the sea is likely to have a …’ little unforeseeable’
Although these nuclear messages are not directly mentioned, Linke found some experimental data in them.
There are indeed some unforeseeable environments for creating the sea.
It’s always been very small for mixing experiments.
There are three differences: a few meters and a very small size.
Small-scale mixed experiments of normal deficiency and coagulation deficiency are unpredictable.
Because it seems to have a steady stream of small-scale mixing experiments, Lin speculates that it has a big one and is constantly peeling off from the surface.
But this is also speculation.
It seems that the experiment has almost been finished.
At present, the phenomenon of twisting points everywhere is the unpredictable and normal virtual mixing phenomenon.
It is intended to turn these areas into two virtual mixtures first, and then wait for the solidification and virtual collision to become three mixtures.
It’s hard to say how to stop it at present.
But they can all be tested, such as trying to destroy these cracks.
Or how to interfere with these nuclear information data hidden in it.
Another thing Lin wants to do is to communicate with the sea of creation
However, at present, the law knows whether it is conscious or not, and whether it will communicate. Now Lin tries to communicate with it, but there is no response.
Always try to do something that can affect its plan first.
Lynn continued to investigate the cracks everywhere in these twisted points.
Now there have been many twisted points in these cracks, and Lin also found that many of them have dream energy and can see the environment inside.
Lin decided to build a weapon that can be called’ dream collapse’
To be precise, another kind of dream energy is mixed in, which causes the drastic change of dream energy inside.
This dramatic change in dream energy can affect the real matter, that is, the nuclear information inside.
Lynn wants to experiment first to see if it works.
In general, weapons seem to have no effect. If you throw all kinds of things in, they will disappear directly.
I don’t know exactly where these things went because they didn’t leave cracks.
But dream energy can enter, so it can pass through the dream energy influence department
At the same time, Lin also tested the thinking of "Wanliutai"
Lin mainly wants to see if she can use it to make some changes to the twisted points everywhere.


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