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With a wave of his sleeve, Ulrich petrified two streamers and shot them at two tarkan. Because the speed was too fast, the stone actually rubbed up Mars.

The heads of the two Huns were cracked like watermelons, and the brains and blood splashed, and then the bodies fell to the ground.
Chen Yan doesn’t usually kill people, but the Huns touched his bottom line this time. Liu Bao dared to rob Cai Yan. It’s really reckless.
Liu Bao was shocked. "How is that possible? He’s even smaller than the one behind him! Warriors must kill him. "
Hundreds of cavalry roared and waved weapons at Chen Yanchong.
Ulrich corners of the mouth slightly become warped face with a smile.
See his hand a slight lift Fiona Fang ten zhangs thumb stone suspended.
I didn’t see the attack of the Huns by Chen Yan before, but this time they saw it clearly.
The stone hanging has subverted their understanding.
People can’t do such a thing.
So this boy in white is a fairy?
Chen Yan once again waved hundreds of petrochemical streamers at tarkan.
Bang, bang, bang.
Hundreds of cavalry died in an instant when their heads were smashed.
Wen-chi turned pale and felt queasy.
Now there are more than a dozen pro-health people left around Liu Bao, and all of them have become corpses.
Liu Bao shook her arm and put Cai Yan’s neck on the sword stand and cried in horror, "Don’t come here or the king will kill her. I know this woman is very important to you."
Chen Yanxiao said, "I bet you never dare to hurt my school sister. If you dare to hurt a hair of my school sister, Chen Mou will make your family have no place."
Arihiko walked steadily to Liu Bao and said with a smile.
Chen Yan gave Liu Bao great psychological pressure.
Just when Liu Bao was in a trance, Yan Chen put his speed to the extreme. He turned a ghosting image into Liu Bao’s side and held Liu Bao’s right hand.
Chen Yan broke Liu Bao’s arm.
"Ah" Liu Bao let out a scream.
Liu Bao is a strong warrior among Xiongnu warriors. In Chinese, he is a first-class military commander. Unfortunately, he is as fragile as a baby in front of Chen Yan.
Ulrich put her arms around Cai Yan’s waist and held her on horseback.
Cai Wen-chi hugged Ulrich and said, "Brother …"
Chen Yan patted her on the shoulder and comforted, "It’s okay. If you have a brother and no one can hurt you, you should take some time to practice boxing besides studying medicine. If you knew martial arts, you wouldn’t be in danger today."
Cai Yan doesn’t like practicing martial arts, but she must practice martial arts after making up her mind at the moment.
Li Zhongyong rode a war horse and jumped on his horse. He knelt down and said, "My brother’s visit to the master is my brother’s poor protection …"
Doing shook his head. "No, you’ve done a good job. If you hadn’t contained Liu Bao, I wouldn’t have been able to get up."
Li Zhongyong stood up respectfully aside.
Yan Chen stared at Liu Bao and said quietly, "Xiongnu Zuo Xianwang Liu Bao, you have a lot of nerve to break into the big man’s territory. You robbed a lot of people’s property. Well, those properties were all put in a valley. Am I right? Do you still want to rob my school sister?"
Liu Bao looked at Ulrich in horror and asked, "Who the hell are you? Is it a person or a ghost? How can there be people like you among the Han people? "
Li Zhongyong proudly said, "Master Chen Yan Liu Bao, you should have heard my master’s name because of your Xiongnu status."
Liu Bao was a shock "doing? So you are Mr. Chen of the Dahan Court! "
Chapter 65 Ten years of tribute can atone for sin
Sun Yat-sen has no official position, but his name is definitely not small. The whole big fellow knows that he is Liu Bao, the southern Xiongnu, and Zuo Xianwang has certainly heard of Sun Yat-sen’s title.
Liu Bao had previously recognized that Chen Yan was deified. What can’t be done? After seeing Chen Yan, Chen Yan’s means made him feel cold.
In particular, Chen Yan’s calm eyes seem to see through everything, and he seems to have no secrets before him.
Liu Bao used to rob the people of their property in Xiliang and Luoyang. He seldom came to Chang ‘an. After all, Liu Bao, a big fellow, is not easy to handle.
No matter how poor the Han people are, they are richer than herders. Cao Cao will govern those people and will not starve to death again.
Liu Bao always plundered with about 1000 cavalry units, and Cao Cao didn’t pay enough attention to it because of its fast speed and not particularly destructive power.
Gradually, Liu Bao became more and more courageous. Finally, when he arrived near Chang ‘an, he met Cai Yan and Li Zhongyong and wanted to rob Cai Yan.
Liu Bao recognizes his bad luck.
If it weren’t for meeting Yan Chen, he would have returned to the Xiongnu territory. Liu Bao didn’t want to spend the night. He would always meet a ghost. Even if he didn’t intend to rob Cai Yan this time, he would definitely meet Yan Chen in the future.
Liu Bao took a few deep breaths and forcibly stabilized his mind and said, "What do you want, Mr. Chen?"
Li Zhongyong said to Chen Yan, "People like Master and Liu Bao have nothing to say. If I don’t kill him, it will be considered that the people who have been harmed will be able to breathe a sigh of relief."
Liu Bao hurriedly said, "Don’t kill me. I can redeem my life with property."
Property redemption?
There seems to be such a unity among grassland nomads. Of course, this unity is all tribal nobles. Ordinary herders are not qualified to take out so many cattle and sheep because of their roots.
For nomads, cattle, sheep and horses are wealth and everything.
Chen Yanxiao said, "Redeem your own life? Ok, Zuo Xianwang Pavilion, how much property is your life worth? "
Chen Yan’s smile gives Cai Yan and Li Zhongyong a peaceful feeling, but Liu Bao’s eyes are a demon smile.
Liu Bao said, "I’m willing to pay a thousand horses, two thousand fat cows and five thousand fat sheep to redeem my own life."
Arihiko looked at Liu Bao.
Liu Bao had a bad feeling when he jumped.
After a few breaths, Ulrich said, "Not enough, Zuo Xianwang Pavilion. You are a big shot in Xiongnu, second only to your uncle. Do you think that horses, cattle and sheep are too demeaning? I’ll say the number. If you agree, I’ll let you go back to Xiongnu. If you don’t agree, today is the anniversary of your death. "
Liu Bao respectfully said, "Mr. Chen, please speak."
Chen Yan said, "Five thousand fat cows, ten thousand fat sheep and twenty-five thousand horses."
The five-fold increase in property is just the bottom line that Liu Bao can accept, which is equivalent to half of Liu Bao’s wealth.
Liu Bao gritted his teeth and said, "Well, just follow Mr. Chen’s words."


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